Some thoughts on the Community forum and some thanks


Thanks to all of you who came out to the Community forum on Sunday.   It was a nice turnout and there were some great questions!   We would like to thank our friends and colleagues at LARABA and SCI-Arc for coming in on a Sunday night to help inform the Arts District Community.  We would also like to thank, Brian Kito, President of the HCNC for his terrific job at moderating.  We are going to do our very best to get our presentation on our site so those of you who were not able to attend can check it out.

 The forum laid out the stark differences in philosophy between ADCCLA and the other team.  While we have a great deal of respect for our colleagues, we believe our ideas are better, smarter, more sustainable and more balanced for our community.        

Below is an interesting comment from an audience member and 10 year resident of the Arts District:

“I‘ve been a resident for 10 years. I’ve been down here a long time. I know a lot of the people in this room.  I know a lot of people on this side actually have a pulse on the community.  I know that they understand what’s going on in the community on a day to day level.  A lot of the people on this side I don’t know.  I’m not saying you are not a part of the community.  I’m saying I’ve never seen you…”

 This statement represents for us one of the fundamental differences in philosophies.  We KNOW our neighbors.  We share meals with them, plant trees with them, design parks with them, sit on boards with them, and have fun with them.  That small but very important concept is one of things that demonstrates the fundamental difference in philosophies.  It’s that difference that brings a hired gun to present at a community forum versus the collective Board members sharing their vision of their community’s future.                                                                                             


Our next community hang out is just around the corner.  Come say hi, ask some questions and get involved!

October 16th       Angel City Brewery        216 S. Alameda                7:00PM

October 23rd       Lot 613                           613 Imperial street         7:00PM

October 30th       Tim & Bridget’s               428 Hewitt Street            7:00PM


We look forward seeing you there!

The Board of Arts District Community Council LA (ADCCLA)


Ran, Laura, Paul, Yuval, Harley & George